Single Sign-On For The Wealthy

Startups, and small and medium businesses are being discriminated against. SaaS products around the world are actively withholding critical security features from the small end of town. It is completely within their power to open this functionality to all customers.

I’m talking more specifically about Single Sign-On that is casually omitted from the cheaper plans on SaaS products.

This is an issue which has grinded my gears for a long time, and it looks like others share this view. There exists an SSO Wall Of Shame, which details companies who treat security as a privilege for the rich, and we should definitely be paying more attention to this.

We want to encourage every organization to use the best security possible. There is no technical reason that has convinced me that an organization is too small or too lean to utilize standards like SAML and OpenID Connect to authenticate their customers and staff for their myriad of applications.

What these companies should realize is that they are actually losing business by withholding security features from small companies. I can personally attest to this, in the early days Assertiv has selected products based on their security stack and cancelled subscriptions to services which decided to start charging a premium for this staple functionality.

Smaller companies can utilize single sign-on, Assertiv has built a single sign-on provider with the small and medium business in mind. Everything from product design to pricing has been coordinated with this market in mind. Anyone claiming that running a single sign-on infrastructure is only affordable for large enterprise may have been right several years ago, but not now.

So I have several requests for the technology industry. If you’re a SaaS provider allowing security features for only your enterprise or large business plans, consider how it’s affecting your bottom line. Are you actively sending customers into the arms of your competitors? If you have the technical capability, why not make this functionality attainable for all your customers?

Or are you building a SaaS product? If so, I urge you to consider single sign-on as a birthright. Help guide technology expectations and improve the security posture of the internet.

Future generations of businesses will thank you.

If you are interested in Identity and Access Management solutions, Assertiv has your back. Reach out and we will be happy to help.

Assertiv offers an free-tier. Unlike many other products, our free-tier has no time limit and gives you access to all of our product capabilities. Get started today!

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