Identity Management Solutions for Small to Medium Enterprises

Identity Management Solutions

IT systems and applications were once a territory only explored by a small group of technically skilled users in an organization. Nowadays, however, an organization’s users are progressively diverse and geographically spread out. They also need access to an increasing number of systems and applications to be able to fulfil their roles.

The process of securing access for an organization’s employees to all the applications they require can be costly and time-consuming. Luckily Identity and Access Management (IAM) solutions like Assertiv exist for small to medium enterprises.

In this article, we discuss the ways in which identity and access management issues can be solved by partnering with an IAM solution provider like Assertiv.  

Password Management

Whether your business is big or small, it’s likely that your staff require several sets of credentials to log in to the apps they require. The need to remember multiple usernames and passwords creates a security risk. This is due to the unsafe ways in which these credentials get stored for reference.

Making use of an Identity and Access Management solution that provides single sign-on (SSO) is a tried and tested way for businesses to reduce the resources required to effectively manage employee passwords. When SSO is in operation, only one set of credentials is needed by your employees. SSO allows them access to all applications and systems they need for their job, with a single username and password.

Assertiv’s SSO feature creates an opportunity for organizations to empower their employees and manage their customers. This is done through reducing needs for passwords, therefore, unifying their login experience.

Centralized Access Control

When an organization has little access restriction in place, they place themselves at risk. On the other hand, overly restricting access can decrease productivity levels and create frustration amongst users. Assertiv’s IAM platform allows you to define centralized criteria for access privileges, providing the perfect balance.

In a nutshell, centralized access control means that access (and the extent of it) is determined by role attributes. This reduces the headache involved in managing access permissions, saving your business time and money and offering better security and flexibility.

Data Security

Research suggests that over 75% of data security breaches are linked to weak credentials or mismanaged access permissions. Without a proper system in place to control user information, tracking can be a complex issue. This puts and your data is at increased risk.

In addition to SSO and centralized access control to keep your data secure, a reputable IAM solution provider like Assertiv supplies the tools for automated workflow for onboarding and accesses. This includes ‘click of a button’ access removal. Having the ability to easily control your organization’s network is imperative in keeping the environment secure and protecting your valuable intellectual property.  

In Conclusion

Small to medium business have many identity access management issues in common with bigger organizations. But they do not necessarily have the resources or budget to effectively deal with them. Partnering with an IAM solution provider can be costly and complicated. But at Assertiv, we provide a cost-effective and simple way to solve your IAM issues.

Identity and access management is no longer simply an IT challenge, it’s a business challenge. It’s the secure connection of users to systems they are required to and allowed to access.  

If you’d like to save your organization time and money whilst reducing your risk of digital security breaches, register for your free Assertiv account today!

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