June 2020: Check Out What’s New in Assertiv

Assertiv is a cloud-based Identity and Access Management tool for small and medium businesses. It’s designed to be cost-effective, quick to get started and most importantly: lets your users access their applications with only one login, their Assertiv login. Let’s check out what’s new in Assertiv:

Requests and Approvals

It’s hard to know exactly what applications and systems staff need to do their jobs. People change job roles, they join new teams, start new projects and cover for colleagues when they go on leave. The access someone gets when they join your organization is bound to change over time.

Adapting to these constant changes takes a lot of effort and time out of your day. Trying to remember who was granted access to an application and for what reason becomes a never-ending struggle that will end up with security holes and impossible administrative overheads.

That’s why ‘request and approvals’ has been built directly into Assertiv. Users can request the access to applications and systems they need with written justifications. The decision to approve or deny the request is stored for posterity so you can take all the guess work out of why a staff member has the access they’ve been given.

Password Management

Up until recently, when a user was created in your Organization, a temporary password would be sent directly to the user via email. They are then prompted for a new password on login.

Whilst this is a suitable on-boarding setup in many cases, we wanted to give more flexibility to set up users ‘your way’.

So now passwords can be manually set on user creation without emailing users. Additionally, administrative users can reset/change password on users in their organization. This is helpful in ‘break glass in case of emergency’ situations where using our email-based password reset feature isn’t suitable.

Identity Provisioning

Whilst Assertiv has a strong foundation as a Single Sign-On solution, we understand that this does not cover all bases when it comes to managing your users. We have recently released identity provisioning and plan to roll this out to many applications very soon.

This will enable full life-cycle management for your users. Not only can you enable easy sign-on to apps, you will ensure users are added and removed in the application databases when required as well.

New Application Support

We are always adding support for new applications, here are the most recent integrations:

  • WordPress
  • Sigma Computing
  • FreshDesk
  • BambooHR
  • SailPoint IdentityNow

For a full list of supported access, visit our website. Have an application you want to integrate with Assertiv? Get in touch.

Roles Based Navigation

Recently we rolled out a new navigation menu for Assertiv. Prior to this we opted for a dashboard-oriented navigation system. As we built out more features, this approach started to become less intuitive. The new menu should feel natural across mobile, tablet and desktop devices.

Items in your menu will be displayed on what permissions your user account inherits via roles.

Interested in getting started with Assertiv? It’s free to register and explore the product on our free tier. Register today.

Did you like the recently implemented identity and access features in Assertiv? Is there more features you’d love us to build? Get in touch!

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