Identity and Access Management | How It Can Help Your Business

Identity and Access Management

If you run a business or manage a team, the words ‘Identity and Access Management’ might ring a bell. But what exactly is Identity and Access Management and what can it do for your business? 

At Assertiv, we specialize in Identity and Access Management (IAM), it’s what we do best. And in this article, we explain exactly what is all about and what it can do for you. 

What is Identity and Access Management?

The core aim of Identity and Access Management is to grant the right access to the right users in the right scenario. 

Having it in place allows your organization to define and manage the roles and access rights of individual users. The term ‘users’ refers to your employees, your customers, or both. 

Identity and Access Management provides you with full administrative control over access to your organization’s intellectual property. Our Assertiv platform is a purely cloud-based IAM solution. It equips you with a centralized dashboard from which you can easily change a user’s role, track user activity, generate reports and enforce policies.

The Benefits of Identity and Access Management

Identity and Access Management can enhance your operations in many ways. Here are the main benefits of having an IAM solution, like Assertiv in place.

Improves Digital Security 

Most organizations turn to IAM for security purposes above all else. With cyber-attacks on the ever-increasing rise, this is no surprise. 

Our Assertiv IAM solution helps keep your business and brand as safe as possible, mitigating both internal and external digital security breaches. It performs thorough verification of every identity that enters the system, which strengthens the security of any application you integrate.

A common theme amongst organizations is that users have more access privileges than they need. Our Identity and Access Management platform gives you that extra layer of protection. It does this by ensuring that access rules and policies are applied consistently across your organization.

Enhances Productivity

A great Identity and Access Management system will allow you to centralize and automate the lifecycle of your users. This refers to facilitating automated workflows in scenarios like onboarding or transitioning of roles. It reduces the time it takes to process changes to access or identities and minimizes the risk of error. 

Assertiv saves you time by making it easy for your users to access their applications – from a single dashboard, with a single secure login. It enhances your users’ productivity without compromising your digital security. 

Reduces Costs

A comprehensive IAM solution like Assertiv, comes enabled with single sign-on (SSO). This means that your employees only need a single password to access the resources they need. If they happen to forget that password, Assetiv’s IAM system allows them to reset it themselves. As a result, you can reserve your IT department resources for more important matters.

As Assertiv is 100% cloud-based, it is a cost-effective IAM service. It reduces the need to buy and maintain on-premise IT infrastructure. 

Boosts User Satisfaction

An effective IAM solution doesn’t only reduce costs. It also reduces the level of complexity involved. Simplified access and access management promotes ease of use and boosts user satisfaction. 

Ease of Compliance

An overlooked benefit of introducing an IAM solution into your business is the ease of compliance.

IAM systems are created to assist with the administering of user access ‘across the board’. This relieves departments of tedious tasks needed to ensure your organization’s compliance with corporate and government regulations. 

The Risks of Going It Alone

As mentioned, most organisations turn to Identity and Access Management solutions for digital security purposes. It goes without saying that choosing to go it alone (without IAM) is opening your organization up to security risks. 

A major gateway to a business’s network and intellectual property is via compromised credentials. Organizations that fail to safeguard this information expose themselves to the increased risk of cyber-attacks. 

Cybersecurity Ventures predicts that the costs of ransomware will reach $20b globally by 2021. Considering their predictions for 2019 and 2018 were $11.5b and $8b, this is not something to ignore. 

Other pitfalls of not having an effective IAM solution in place can include: 

  • Reduced productivity
  • A disconnect between departments/teams 
  • Increased costs
  • Limited IT resources 
  • Less user satisfaction
  • Mundane corporate and government compliance tasks 

Wrapping Up

Identity and Access Management is a vital part of any organization’s security plan. Implementing effective IAM can give your organization a competitive edge. It keeps your intellectual property safe, increases efficiency and reduces your costs.

Assertiv’s Identity and Access Management solution provides you with software that is simple, secure and flexible. Register for your free account today.

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