Secure Your Business Data with Privileged Access Management

Privileged Access Management

By implementing Privileged Access Management, an organization can reduce its cyber-attack surface and mitigate the associated damages. At Assertiv, we specialize in Identity and Access Management (IAM). Our platform comes with inbuilt capabilities for putting Privileged Access Management into practice.

But what exactly is Privileged Access Management? And how does it help keep your business’s intellectual property safe? In this article, we give you the full rundown. 

What is Privileged Access Management? 

Privileged Access Management is a simple concept. It refers to the management of who has what access to what on a given network. The core aim is to restrict user access rights to the absolute minimum required for the user’s authorized actions to be performed. 

According to many technologists, this kind of access management is key in reducing the risk of a digital security breach. 

The purpose of Identity and Access Management is to authenticate user identities, providing the right user access at the right time. Whereas Privileged Access Management provides a more granular layer of control and visibility over users and their activities. 

Defining Your Organization’s Access Privileges 

Assertiv accounts allow you to create custom access privileges for groups of users in your network. For enhanced security and ease of management, you can base these privileged settings on roles rather than individuals. 

We recommend that you create individual access privileges for each role within your organisation. You can then simply assign these access permissions to your users. Not only does this ensure that the right people have access to the right information, but the automation saves your HR department a lot of time on the onboarding process. 

The Risk of Unmanaged Privileged Identities

Access privileges are an important part of securing your organization’s valuable data. But when unmanaged, these access privileges can become a digital security risk. Given privileged accounts hold the key to a lot of information, it pays to secure and manage them. 

Assertiv’s IAM solution facilitates access privileges backed up by varying aspects of security and ease of management. These include single sign-on, multi-factor authentication and password and profile management.

Assertiv’s comprehensive Identity and Access Management capabilities perfectly complement other pure-play privileged access management solutions which specialise in session-recording, logging and credential vaults.


To have control of who enters your network and what they can access is vital to your organization’s digital security. Assertiv provides an easy, economical and efficient way to do this. Our IAM solution gives you full control of your organization’s IT applications and systems. 

Contact us to see how we can help your business or explore our platform by registering for a free account today. 

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