Assertiv Announces Expanded Regional Support

As businesses move to the cloud on a global scale, there are certain data questions that will be asked, such as “Where is my data being stored?” and “Where is my data being processed?”. At Assertiv, we understand these challenges, and are proud to announce that we have deployed our first new Assertiv region, Singapore.

This grants the ability to choose between US and Singapore regions when setting up an Organization with us.

You can use all product capability through the Singapore region. This is a separate product stack which does not rely on any other regions around the world.

This means that all of your data is stored in the region where you wish to set up Assertiv. Additionally, all functions such as login, user creation, modification and deletions run locally in your region as well.

Trying out the new Singapore region is easy, create an Organization now at

To create an Organization in the existing US region, register at

The region selected for an Organization is permanent, so please make sure the selected region is appropriate for your needs.

Do you need to run Assertiv somewhere other than Singapore or the US? Let us know and we’ll get to work!

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