How Assertiv Supercharges Your SailPoint IdentityNow Investment

Assertiv IdentityNow

SailPoint has proven that it can move at a startup pace with the launch of IdentityNow. It’s a SaaS based Identity Governance solution with many of the bells and whistles of On-Prem enterprise products. IdentityNow is fast to deploy and comes with fewer implementation headaches than a traditional deployment. It’s a top contender for any cloud digital transformation, or green-field identity project.

There are, however, some modern ideological changes with IdentityNow that challenge the way we traditionally approach Identity Management. Customers are encouraged to alter existing process to adhere to best practice. Whilst the product is customizable, you will sleep easier by utilizing as much ‘off the shelf’ capability as possible.

An example of this is the ability to modify users on the fly. IdentityNow does not encourage making ad-hoc modification to users within the product itself. The push is to trust authoritative sources for all identity data. If done right, this vastly improves data cleanliness in your organization.

That being said, not all data comes from a HR system. Sometimes you just ‘have to’ have an interface to make changes, such as reassigning a manager, or updating a mobile number.

Assertiv + IdentityNow

To overcome these hurdles, Assertiv has a native connector from IdentityNow. This will allow you to make Identity changes in Assertiv’s friendly user management web interface. Changes are then synchronized to identities in IdentityNow. It helps to bridge the functional gap, whether it’s a permanent solution, or a tactical fix whilst you adjust to “cloud life”.

The big ticket item for supercharging your SailPoint IdentityNow investment is the advanced authentication and single sign-on capability that comes out-of-the-box with Assertiv. By enabling synchronization, the two products work in concert with each other to provide a well-rounded Identity and Access Management solution.

With IdentityNow handling the governance and lifecycle management of your staff, Assertiv takes care of single sign-on to apps, strengthen login process and giving your staff a user experience that will make them smile.

Assertiv is also a fully cloud product, it makes for a perfect partner with IdentityNow. Creating an account with Assertiv is almost too easy. Simply register through our website and get in contact with us to integrate with IdentityNow.

Don’t Have IdentityNow Yet?

Not a problem! Through a partnership with Assertiv Consulting and SailPoint, we have tailor-made the Identity Security Platform. This bundle includes both SailPoint IdentityNow and Assertiv, installed and configured by our expert consulting team at an extremely competitive price.

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