Manage Corporate Passwords with Ease

The secure management of corporate passwords is a constant struggle for businesses of all sizes. Password management without a strategy exposes your business data to unnecessary risk.

Introducing Password Management in Assertiv and how to reduce your security risk.

Assertiv can protect passwords, passphrases or any other private credential you use to sign onto a website or system. Assertiv provides a user friendly interface to store passwords safely within your Assertiv account.


In a business with a range of different types of employees, people will keep track of their different passwords in vastly different ways. Here are some examples:

  • Reusing the same password on multiple systems and committing it to memory.
  • Passwords written down on a notepad.
  • A spreadsheet on an employees PC containing passwords.

None of these methods are secure. Here’s why:

  • Reusing a password between systems risks all of your applications if one suffers an attack.
  • Passers-by can easily see written down passwords. This offers little in terms of security.
  • Spreadsheets containing passwords are dangerous in the wrong hands. Furthermore, a hacker will also make short work of a spreadsheet even if it is password protected.
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Personal Passwords

Assertiv allows users to store passwords on their personal Assertiv account which only they can see. What’s more, Assertiv encrypts all passwords before saving them. This increases the security of the system.

Personal passwords allows optional attachment to Bookmarks displayed on your app dashboard. Your password details stay conveniently close to websites when you want to log in.

Easily view and manage passwords from the Application Launch Dashboard

You can view, update or copy passwords to easily sign into web applications.

Easily manage your passwords directly from the Application Launch Dashboard

Sharing Passwords

An exciting new feature in Assertiv is the ability to share passwords with role members. This is particularly useful when multiple people share an account in an application and need a more secure method to store the username and password.

If you share a password, you have the option to share it in a ‘read only’ mode, or you can allow people to modify the password if you wish.

Shared passwords can be attached to applications in the Application Launch Dashboard and will display with a different icon ().

Assertiv encrypts Shared Passwords, similarly to Personal Passwords. This provides the following benefits:

  • Communication of passwords is secure.
  • It provides a single, safe place to maintain the password if it needs to change in the future.

Manage Passwords Easily

“My Passwords” in Assertiv lists all the Passwords that you have permission to see. Both Personal and Shared Passwords are shown, with Shared Passwords identified with the icon next to the name.

Manage personal and shared passwords from one screen

Clicking on a password in the list allows you to view the password, or modify it (if you have permission to do so).

Security Tip

It’s important to keep your Assertiv account safe. We highly recommend enabling Multi Factor Authentication since this significantly reduces the chance of your account being broken into.

We recommend setting a strong, unique password on your Assertiv account. For easy and secure login, use Passwordless login. Passwordless allows you to log into Assertiv with a trusted device, like your mobile phone.

Try It Out

Assertiv is free to try on our free plan if you would like to try it right away. We also offer an obligation free demo workshop with our expert team to show you how it works.

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