How Assertiv Supercharges Your SailPoint IdentityNow Investment

SailPoint has proven that it can move at a startup pace with the launch of IdentityNow. It’s a SaaS based Identity Governance solution with many of the bells and whistles of On-Prem enterprise products. IdentityNow is fast to deploy and comes with fewer implementation headaches than a traditional deployment. It’s a top contender for anyContinue reading “How Assertiv Supercharges Your SailPoint IdentityNow Investment”

Assertiv Announces Expanded Regional Support

As businesses move to the cloud on a global scale, there are certain data questions that will be asked, such as “Where is my data being stored?” and “Where is my data being processed?”. At Assertiv, we understand these challenges, and are proud to announce that we have deployed our first new Assertiv region, Singapore.Continue reading “Assertiv Announces Expanded Regional Support”

June 2020: Check Out What’s New in Assertiv

Assertiv is a cloud-based Identity and Access Management tool for small and medium businesses. It’s designed to be cost-effective, quick to get started and most importantly: lets your users access their applications with only one login, their Assertiv login. Let’s check out what’s new in Assertiv: Requests and Approvals It’s hard to know exactly whatContinue reading “June 2020: Check Out What’s New in Assertiv”

Learn How Roles Can Organize Your Business

When talking about identity management, the term ‘roles’ will start entering your vocabulary. When dealing with identities in your organization, roles offer a lot of value. Let’s break down what a ‘role’ is, then have a look at some of the advantages they offer. What is a Role? Think of a role as a profileContinue reading “Learn How Roles Can Organize Your Business”

Getting The Best of Both Worlds With Serverless SaaS

It seems like after years of pushing, educating and campaigning, the IT industry has accepted that the total cost of ownership for cloud infrastructure wins out over remaining on-premise. Enterprises are migrating core systems to the cloud, in some cases across-the-board and others in a hybrid fashion. Many IT infrastructure projects have a firm ‘cloud-first’Continue reading “Getting The Best of Both Worlds With Serverless SaaS”

Enable Your Business for Remote Working in 5 Steps.

Is your business moving quickly towards a remote working model? Tackle the challenge head on with 5 steps to get you over the line in record time. Provide the right tools Firstly, ensure that staff have a means to do their job. Often this means a working laptop and an internet connection. Consider allowing staffContinue reading “Enable Your Business for Remote Working in 5 Steps.”

Single Sign-On For The Wealthy

Startups, and small and medium businesses are being discriminated against. SaaS products around the world are actively withholding critical security features from the small end of town. It is completely within their power to open this functionality to all customers. I’m talking more specifically about Single Sign-On that is casually omitted from the cheaper plansContinue reading “Single Sign-On For The Wealthy”

Why Startups Should Care About Identity

During the chaos of building your startup it is the nature of the beast to take risks and hustle hard. That means not playing by the same set of rules that larger businesses play by. On one hand you are gifted with extreme and unmatched agility, on the other, you’re accruing various degrees of debtContinue reading “Why Startups Should Care About Identity”