Assertiv Announces Expanded Regional Support

As businesses move to the cloud on a global scale, there are certain data questions that will be asked, such as “Where is my data being stored?” and “Where is my data being processed?”. At Assertiv, we understand these challenges, and are proud to announce that we have deployed our first new Assertiv region, Singapore.Continue reading “Assertiv Announces Expanded Regional Support”

Learn How Roles Can Organize Your Business

When talking about identity management, the term ‘roles’ will start entering your vocabulary. When dealing with identities in your organization, roles offer a lot of value. Let’s break down what a ‘role’ is, then have a look at some of the advantages they offer. What is a Role? Think of a role as a profileContinue reading “Learn How Roles Can Organize Your Business”

6 Tips for Access Management Best Practice

At the forefront of cloud security is Identity and Access Management (IAM). Businesses are turning to cloud-based and mobile-friendly platforms at an ever-increasing rate. Because of this, the face of access management is changing and has never been more important.