5 Ways To Prevent Digital Security Breaches Within Your Organisation

Cybersecurity is one of the modern world’s most urgent issues. Yet, board conversations about security breaches, their costs and consequences are seldom had. As a result, these security breaches keep happening.  At Assertiv, we specialize in identity and access management. In this blog, we’ll be sharing with you 5 ways your business can prevent digitalContinue reading “5 Ways To Prevent Digital Security Breaches Within Your Organisation”

Single Sign-On For The Wealthy

Startups, and small and medium businesses are being discriminated against. SaaS products around the world are actively withholding critical security features from the small end of town. It is completely within their power to open this functionality to all customers. I’m talking more specifically about Single Sign-On that is casually omitted from the cheaper plansContinue reading “Single Sign-On For The Wealthy”

Why Startups Should Care About Identity

During the chaos of building your startup it is the nature of the beast to take risks and hustle hard. That means not playing by the same set of rules that larger businesses play by. On one hand you are gifted with extreme and unmatched agility, on the other, you’re accruing various degrees of debtContinue reading “Why Startups Should Care About Identity”