How Assertiv Supercharges Your SailPoint IdentityNow Investment

SailPoint has proven that it can move at a startup pace with the launch of IdentityNow. It’s a SaaS based Identity Governance solution with many of the bells and whistles of On-Prem enterprise products. IdentityNow is fast to deploy and comes with fewer implementation headaches than a traditional deployment. It’s a top contender for anyContinue reading “How Assertiv Supercharges Your SailPoint IdentityNow Investment”

How Single Sign-On Can Benefit Your Business | Assertiv

Single sign-on (SSO) allows a user to access multiple apps with only one set of login credentials. It provides both organizations and individuals with a simple way of managing their usernames and passwords. At Assertiv, we specialise in Identity Access Management (IAM). We provide a simple, secure and flexible IAM platform to small and mediumContinue reading “How Single Sign-On Can Benefit Your Business | Assertiv”

Why Startups Should Care About Identity

During the chaos of building your startup it is the nature of the beast to take risks and hustle hard. That means not playing by the same set of rules that larger businesses play by. On one hand you are gifted with extreme and unmatched agility, on the other, you’re accruing various degrees of debtContinue reading “Why Startups Should Care About Identity”